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MATRIX 4: How Neo Is Alive? Theory reveals how it was Oracle’s plan all along


MATRIX 4: The inclusion of Neo in Matrix 4 begs the question of how was he resurrected after the events of Matrix Revelations where he died. Could it be the grand plan of the Oracle?

The Matrix introduced us to a virtual world where humans were connected to a false reality. In addition to those unaware of living inside a computer simulator, there were other beings known as “programs”, each with a unique function but designed with a common purpose to keep the humans inside the matrix.

The architect was designed to seek perfection in the matrix while the Oracle was designed to be an intuitive program to understand and study the human psyche. However, theory suggests that Oracle will serve a bigger purpose by bringing back Neo.

MATRIX 4: How Neo Is Alive?

MATRIX 4 neo is live

In the Matrix Reloaded, Neo comes face to face with the architect aka the creator of the Matrix. He informs the protagonists that he’s actually version number 6 of the one and that there have been several iterations of the matrix itself. Each one had different aspects to them but they all contain an anomaly in the code which led to the creation of the one. So, there is precedent for there being multiple versions of the matrix and multiple versions of the one. We could never find out who these other versions are or what they look like but it is possible that the one always looks like Keanu Reeves because their appearance is pre-selected.

Furthermore, the Oracle also serves Neo cookies. This could be a visual metaphor for internet cookies that websites that collect data from the user. This puts more weight on the Oracle-Neo theory.

Finally, this leads us to the fact that the Oracle is responsible for Neo’s comeback and this would only create stronger ties between the original trilogy and The Matrix 4, helping to keep a cohesive narrative while anchoring the modern era in familiar territory.

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