The Boys: Everything we know so far

Aya Cash Protecting The Boys

Aya Cash, who is a star in The Boys, is seen to protect the show on Amazon. And that is the season plan of unconventional for its season 2. Moreover, the coming of Aya in The Boys has been quite awestruck. This show has been quite insane. Not to forget, it is pretty much founded on the comic book series.

A series by none other than Garth Ennis along with Darick Robertson. Considering the era of The Boys, superheroes are just present-day stars with far more power at their disposal.

Antony Starr, who plays the role of the sociopathic HomeLander, is seen to lead the Seven. The Seven are just other bigger heroes. Wo until this season is regarded as the worse sure among all. However, Cash’s role as Stormfront has made her racist past to come into the eyes of everybody. She is seen giving him a run for his money as observed in the most recent episodes.

Beautiful Minds With Beautiful Ideas

Instead of letting its latest episodes all at once, The Boys is seen to stream the new episodes on weekly basis. Thus letting itself apart from various other shows that stream online. This idea came right straight from the mind of the showrunner himself. Rightly, Eric Kripke the man himself. But a few of the followers of the show did not like such an initiative. As a result of which, its review area bombed up.

That too by none other than the show’s disgruntled followers on Amazon. Moreover with the same demand on how eager they were to have a look at its whole season. What Kripke had to say on this was quite justified. He mentioned that weekly updates of the show were a mere attempt to keep the show into pop culture. And not just the culture but into the conversation as well and too for a longer period of time. Thus justifying the whole ideology by giving a valid reason.

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