Nicolas Cage’s Superman will join The DCEU in The Flash, Fan Art Goes Viral

Nicolas Cage’s Superman: A great piece of news arrives in as the DC Extended Universe’s fan art is dreaming of Nicolas Cage’s superman cameoing in the movie, The Flash. Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will be permitted to play the role of Batman in the upcoming movie of the DC Extended Universe multiverse model. The fans of these movies have also predicted what other heroes could fly by.

The superman of Nicolas Cage is nearing the top list of star’s online popularity. Cage was also planning to play the role of Kryptonian in the revival film of Superman Lives. However, the project was canceled due to certain production and creativity problems.

It is told that the movie would have relaunched Superman’s character. The movie was to be made under the direction of Tim Burton and was written by Kevin Smith who is famous for his comic pieces.

Nicolas Cage’s Superman went viral on Instagram

Recently, the fan art of an Instagram-based fan artist went viral. The art displayed an aged and bearded Cage anticipating the role of Clark Kent. The name of the artist if bribed it. The art also showcased a perfect black and silver-colored outfit of Superman.

Don’t you think how fun it would be to get a cameo of a National Treasure actor in a DCEU with a beautiful and elegant Superman design suit? The fun would be on another level.

All the artists are excited and enthusiastic about a typical actor appearing as Clark Kent lives in action. This art piece is not the only art that is being circulated on social media. Further, all the comic lovers are releasing Cage Superman fan art.

In the past, Cage has also played the role in animated series such as Teen Titans Go, To the Movies. However, the man who loves superman to an extent that he named his son Kal-El would be happy to play a role in DCEU for any amount of time.

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