Emily in Paris Review and A Glimpse at Lilly Collins Interview

Emily in Paris Updates: Emily in Paris is a show that can be a dream television role for any actress. This show has no match for that. This new comedy-drama television show on Netflix hails from the creator of Sex and the city Darren Star.

Emily in Paris also has a plus point of the shoot location that is in the French capital. A total of ten episodes premier together last week on Netflix.

A glimpse of Lily Collins interview :

Lily Collins in an interview with TVline reveals. “It surely was an experience I never noticed coming. When I heard about the show and read it’s plot. Saw that the creator is Darren and entirely shot in Paris. Patricia doing all the costumes. I thought this is the absolute and something I will have to binged when it comes out.”

Collins sharing the quality of her character Emily says .” Emily is very passionate , she is very work driven and full of determination . Meanwhile she is also witty , with a little bit of sass.

Darren create these characters to emulate all type of personalities and I love that . Because mordern women have all those types of personalities. Emily is ofcource on humour in most of the situations.”

When asked , is there any character from Sex and the city that you think Emily be friends with ? Collins answers ” I think Emily like myself definitely grew up loving Carrier Bradshaw. I think she has posters on her walls and things of her favourite episodes of sex and the city in her phone. ”

Some have good sarcastic ending while some just feel the moment. Emily’s once in a serious relationship before heading to Paris. There she realizes he is not just willing to give up on her.

Then what she will do for him. Then she makes a decision and goes for her life, herself, and her priorities. She starts her new Paris life as an independent woman, easy to live at her fullest.

Only this much for now, stay tuned for new updates, interviews, and inside gossips.

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