The Flash: Who Is This Fastest DC Hero? Know Every Detail Here

The Flash: part of the Arrowverse; a spinoff of Arrow, expired after 6 long seasons over the years;’Barry Allen’ also know as ‘the Flash’ has come across a lot of speeders like him that could match his lightning speed and discovers that he has some competition in the game.

Some black hats against the Flash who consider themselves of higher rank than ‘the Flash’ are reverse Flash (played by Tom Cavanagh and Matt Letscher ), Zoom (Teddy Sears), and Savior while some other of the speeders like Wally West, Jerry Quick (Violett Beane) and X’s (Jessica Parker Kennedy) who assisted Barry and the team at the S.T.A.R labs acted as his accomplices.

The Flash: A little throwback to the past

Barry Allen passed his childhood alone when he lost his mother at a freaky accident and his father was convicted of it. Later this orphaned boy grew up to be a dedicated detective, Joe West to investigate his mother’s homicide and looked upon every science advancement and fixated on a new particle accelerator, portended world-changing research that sourced an explosion.

Nine months later when Joe /Barry wakes up from a coma, he has sealed superpowers to safeguard people from the impish while trying to solve the murder mystery.

The Flash Who Is This Fastest DC Hero Know Every Detail Here

In S1 his top speed could not catch up with anywhere near that of Zoom and Reverse-Flash but somehow overpowered them with both speed and strategy, although supervillain like Savior was a tough one just inside the Speed Force, otherwise, Barry was definitely niftier than him.

The best of villains whose powers are very similar to his is his own counterpart ‘Black Flash’; there is a good chance that he could have never escaped had they never approached each other. Topping all these hindrances while Flash speeding into its S7 is Speed Force’s death. This story doesn’t rebound for the 7th season unless Speed Force is resuscitated making Barry the “fastest man alive”.

As stated in the comics, Barry is pronounced a little slower than Wally but this case is inverted in the Arrowverse. That surmises that none of Wally, Can, Jerk Quick is at his level so far and the next renewal (which we are uncertain of till now)might possibly give depth to what happened to Barry after instilling the permanent boost into him in the ‘Crisis ‘ on ‘Infinite Earths’ and also if he could build an artificial ‘Speed Force’ for his recharge.

Make sure you don’t give’  this might be happening comeback’ a miss and stay tuned in for more updates.

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