MCU: Reasons Why Iron Man Is Underrated and Overrated

Iron Man

Iron Man: Up to this point, Iron Man in the MCU will possibly describe as the franchise’s lead character. Although he may have died in Endgame, and there are other significant characters, for over a decade, Tony Stark was the pillar of the MCU.

As such, fans all over the world have made an incredibly popular and well-loved character. So he’s still a very flawed human. There are some aspects that very overrated about Iron Man because of this, as well as some aspects about him that not recognized sufficiently.

Reasons Why Iron Man Overrated?

  • The fact that he’s so rich is one of the toughest things to love about Tony Stark. He portrayed as some form of altruistic billionaire, and with such a character, the sociopolitical challenges that never discussed.


  • Given that their friendship is one of the MCU’s biggest romantic pairings and that many fans enjoy them together, this statement may be a little contentious. While they have some improvement over the years, their relationship is not entirely good.

 Iron Man

Reasons Why Iron Man Underrated?

  • The Accords controversy and who was correct from Captain America: Civil War is still one that fans have to this day, and it can heat up the topic.

So it underestimated, though, that Tony Stark tried to do his best to hold the Avengers together. Also to refrain from hurting innocent people, no matter how you felt or whether you like Steve or Tony better.

  • In the short moments that we see Tony as Morgan’s uncle, it’s obvious that he’s a pretty nice dad. Very engaged with his daughter and he gives her affection. The considered that his parents never ever offered him.

He’s obviously done what he can do better than what he heard, and that’s a genuinely remarkable accomplishment.

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