Hunter×Hunter: Rating on its 5 Best character’s costumes & (5 worst)

Hunter×Hunter is one of the most undisputed highest-rated anime series picked up from its manga illustrations. Apart from its story backing up, one major feature that makes this series stand out is its distinctive and quirky appearance of each character.

There have been several cool costume choices befitting its ‘arcs’ while some were a complete mess at times. Whether they are getting into a deep-rooted theme or just not minding it, we are running by some of the outfits, tagging it from best to worst.

10. Best:Killua (Chimura Ant Arc) . 

Killua sets into the scenario sticking  to his pretty laid-back style every time with his trendy but casual looks 

9. Best: Hisoka (Heaven’s Arena Arc)

The color scheme and playing cards theme are totally in contrast to his character giving him off-beat yet stylish costumes in the series.

8. Best: Biscuit Krengen(Greed Island Arc)

The white gloves give a vintage edge to her costumes confusing people about the present era in the anime. It still is deemed a sophisticated chic fusion addition to her cuteness.

7. Best:Feitan (Chimera Ant Arc)

His mystic wear is black from top to bottom. The skull designed on the portion of the cloth covering his face might give you some fiendish and infernal interpretation of him but it is a perfect fit for his role.

6. Best:Shaiapouf(Chimera Ant Arc)

The dapper yet simple and smart look it ought to be eye-catching. The little extra to this is his wings that go along very well with it.

5. Worst: Mizaistom Nana(13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc) Hunter×Hunter 

Worst Mizaistom Nana

This is clearly one of the most unprepossessing looks that could have been given to any character. Maizaistom bears an outlandish resemblance to the cow he represents, being covered in black and white splotches and his weird hat with horns sticking out from it.

4. Worst: Godo (Heaven’s Arena Arc) Hunter×Hunter.

No doubt that he is a fighter, lost his lower half of the body which was replaced with metal prosthetic legs but his mask-like mouthpiece and his overall get-up is not so impressive.

3. Worst: Bonoleuen Ndongo (Chimera Ant Arc).

The bandage wrapped around him comes off as a mummy-type look with just the exception of his boxing gears for the rest. It is in sync with his character but is way too distasteful and boring than the others.

2. Worst: Gon(Most  Arcs).

Not to be in bad taste, but his short shorts is a bit unappealing to the eyes and  is good for him slip under a bit of change

1. Worst: Kikyo Zoldyck (Zoldyck Family Arc)

Her robot glasses, face bandages do err to her otherwise voguish outfit by subverting it to be reserved for ill-fate by making it the least good of all.

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