Grand Theft Auto 6 Revealed Trailer Release Date in game music video and Everything we know so far

Grand Theft Auto 6

Grand Theft Auto 6 Updates: Wandering through the modeled cities and accomplishing missions; Grand Theft Auto, popularly know as GTA, was first launched in 1997. This action-adventure game became an instant hit among the young-adults and so far, has released 11 stand-alone games. It also has launched 4 expansion series to date. The fictional cities are modeled after various popular cities in the US such as New York, Nevada, Las Vegas, Miami, etc. The official logo of GTA is not the one they used in the first launch but the one released along with GTA 3.

Grand Theft Auto 6: About the GTA 5

The last we saw GTA 5 released back in 2013 and since no news on GTA 6 has been hinted at. The fans left wondering about the release of the next GTA. Also, can’t wait to get their hands on GTA 6 as soon as possible. Even Rockstar Games, who are the creator company of GTA, have maintained complete silence in this matter.

This long wait has brought many fans on the brink of giving up and just when they were about to, an easter egg appeared out of nowhere. The latest music video ‘The Weekend’ gave us a glimpse of an easter egg in regards to GTA 6. So the gamers went on losing their minds over it.

Grand Theft Auto 6

 Latest Update

Once the news was it was out on the internet, gamers skimmed through the video bit by bit. So until one of them pointed out a text stating GTA 6 Trailer in the far corner of the music video. Since one cannot find any news on the release of GTA 6. So the easter in the video ‘Blinding Lights’ of “The Weekend’s” passed on a thin strand of hope to the fans.

The video shows a CGI text stating the GTA 6 trailer which is really the only hint available. On the whole of the internet about the next release from GTA. Since the creators tight-lipped about it, this is one of the things the fans can now hold dear. The wait patiently for the next announcement regarding the release of GTA 6 knowing that it will definitely come out sooner or later.

Check out the blinding lights video for your own. Also, pause at the 56th second to see the text floating in the video. Keep checking this page for more updates on the GTA 6 release and news about it.