No Guns Life Season 3 Release Date, Spoilers, Cast and Every Latest Update

No Guns Life Season 3 Updates: The release of No Guns Life season 3 has been a huge question for the manga and anime fans, and we are still in search of the answer. The Japanese manga series had been created by Tasuku Karasuma and has been published in Shueisha’s seinen manga magazine Ultra Jump since August 2014.

Just like any famous manga series, this too got the global exposure through digital media and was adapted by Madhouse which was broadcasted from October 10 to December 26, 2019.  Even though the first season went smoothly and the second season a bit rough, we are still wondering when will the third season be officially released?

The second season even suffered due to the pandemic, but there haven’t been any hints given by the creators or Madhouse, so we anticipate it won’t be available before 2021, and we got to wait for a long time. Till then, let’s have a recap of the first two seasons.

Story of No Guns Life:

The story starts with a mystery, where after a horrendous war, leaving “Extends” in the city, bodies were modified and transformed into dangerous weapons. No Guns Life protagonist Inui Juuzou met the same fate, and his head was transformed into a gun, which made him lose all the memories of his past life.

His life goes on by solving problems caused by other ‘Extended'(s). But this was not the end of his life story. Fate took another turn and was asked for help by a renegade Extended for the protection of a young boy called Tetsurō Arahabaki. And it is definitely not easy to live in the city where expanders and non-expanders co-exist together.

Voice-overs/Casts of No Guns Life:

The list of voice-overs starts with Junichi Suwabe for Juzo Inui, Daiki Yamashita for Tetsurō Arahabaki, Manami Numakura for Mary Steinberg, Yōko Hikasa for Olivier Vandeberme, Yūya Uchida for Kronen von Wolf, Masayuki Katô for Avi Kobo, Itohiro for Andy Wachowski, Inori Minase for Pepper, Yūko Sanpei for Seven, Takahiro Sakurai for Kunugi, Yōji Ueda for Hugh Cunningham, Reina Ueda for Karen, Masashi Ebara for Christina Matsuzaki, Marika Kouno for Scarlett Gosling, Kenyu Horiuchi for Sai Tokisada, Atsushi Imaruoka for Hayden Gondry, and the list go on.

Junichi Suwabe shared some words during the final of the second season, “I became the heart of Inui Juso and uttered a voice, but the cool, cute, and rugged gun head-Kun looked so expressive and I enjoyed it very much. I sincerely hope that a sequel will be made.”

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