A Piece of Your Mind Season 2: When can we expect form the upcoming season?

A Piece of Your Mind Season 2: Asian dramas, especially the Korean ones are getting the much-needed fame from the global viewers for its modern approach, storylines, cinematography as well as the acting skills. Apart from Oscar-winning films like Parasite, their small screen dramas are no lesser than the silver screens. They have a wide array of choices, serving every kind of audience. And if you are a crazy fan of rom-com, then A Piece of Your Mind is just for you. The South-Korean series was broadcasted on tvN from March 23 to April 28, 2020. You can also get the same on the WeTV app if you are a late-comer.

Plot and Critics:

A Piece of Your Mind Season 2

The story of A Piece of Your Mind revolves around Ha Won, an AI programmer and the founder of M&H Company, and Han Seo-woo, a classical music recording engineer, and their romantic escapades. The journey is a witness of two individuals, with distinct backgrounds and how they come together and become a union. The heartwarming narrative will definitely make you shed your tears, but with a smile.

A Piece of Your Mind Season 2 Updates:

The couple reformulates the definition of first love without any expectations. Even though the reviews had been positive, but some say that the plot is cliche and a regular romance. Debates have been raised. On one half, the critics are saying that not only the drama is cliche, but also slow and boring, sometimes making the audience yawn, as well as weird and complicated.

The story couldn’t be portrayed properly through the lens. On the other hand, the acting skills of the casts make us hooked to the show no matter what. It seemed effortless, and they impeccably uplifted the chemistry of the protagonists. Each and every scene was powerful and touching, ripe with emotions.

Possibility of A Piece of Your Mind Season 2:

Fans wish for A Piece of Your Mind Season 2 after the success of season 1. But there hasn’t been any such hint given by the creators regarding the possibility of season 2. But even if there is any such chance, then that would be only possible next year, since the productions have been halted due to the pandemic.

The casts of the A Piece of Your Mind Season 2:

The list of casts of A Piece of Your Mind Season 2 starts with Chae Soo-bin (Han Seo-woo),  Jung Hae-in (Moon Ha-won), Kim Sung-kyu (Kang In-wook), Lee Ha-na (Moon Soon-ho).

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