Hocus Pocus: Everything You Should Know About This Movie

American comedy movie Hocus Pocus is a cult classic movie from Disney Originals. O 16th July 1993, Walt Disney Pictures released this movie in the USA. Kenny Ortega directed the movie and David Kirschner and Steven haft jointly produced the movie.


The plot of Hocus Pocus


At the starting of the movie, the story took place on the backdrop of 1963 when Thackery Binx found that three witches spirited way his little sister Emily. Also, they cursed Thackery and turned him into an immortal cat. Furthermore, when Binx’s father captured them, they cursed that they would return on Halloween Eve.


The story took 300 years to leap after the incident and portrayed that a teenage boy Max Dennison was moved with his family to Salem from Los Angles. After the arrival of Max, the story showed how he resurrected the trio of witches, unfortunately. And here the movie turned into a comedy one by showing boggling witches to deal with 90’s smart teenagers. However, it is was obvious that the film would end with the victory of Max.


The cast of Hocus Pocus


In Hocus Pocus, Kathy Najimy, Bette Midler, and Sarah Jessica Parker portrayed the role of a comic trio of witches. Rather, Omri Katz, Vinessa Shaw, Thora Birch acted in many important characters in Hocus Pocus.


Return of Hocus Pocus


The film got positive as well as negative reviews at its initial days of release. Though it collected 39.5 million dollars in the 90s, still, it was not a commercially successful film, according to the critics. But the viewers rediscovered Hocus Pocus and resulted in one of the must-watch movies during Halloween.


This huge response from the audience overwhelmed the makers to create the sequel of Hocus Pocus. Although, there is not any confirmation about the release date. The sequel will release in Disney+. Furthermore, Adam Shankman will direct the story and Jen D’Angelo will write the screenplay.

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