Alita: Battle Angel – Will It Return with Sequel?

The action cyberpunk American movie Alita: Battle Angel is the adaptation of the 1990s series Gunnm by Japanese manga artist Yukito Kishiro. Robert Rodriguez directed the film and James Cameron Jon Landau jointly produced the movie. The movie was released on 31st January 2019.


The plot of Alita: Battle Angel


Dr. Dyson Ido found a female cyborg after the apocalypse and named her Alita. Alita wakes up in the future without any memory. She navigates her new life in the streets of Iron City. The story of the movie revolved around how Dr. Ido tried to save Alita from her baffling past and how she dealt with her enemies. Also, it beautifully depicted the father-daughter relationship between Ido and Alita.


Moreover, the story showed that Alita was in love with Hugo. Although she killed zapan for hurting Hugo. However, Alita became a motor ball rising star after Hugo’s death.


The cast of Alita: Battle Angel


The followings are the complete cast list of Alita: Battle Angel movie.

  • Christoph Waltz in the role of Dr. Dyson Ido.
  • Rosa Salazar in the role of Alita.
  • Jennifer Connelly in the role of Dr. Chiren.
  • Ed Skrein in the role of Zapan.
  • Keean Johnson in the role of Hugo.
  • Mahershala Ali in the role of Vector.
  • Lana Condor in the role of Koyomi.
  • Jackie Earle Haley in the role of Grewishka.
  • Jorge Landeborg Jr. in the role of Tanji.


Possibilities of Alita: Battle Angel 2


Alita is the highest-grossing film of Rodriguez with a collection of $404 million worldwide. Undoubtedly, this huge success of Alita encourages the creators to make the Alita: Battle Angel 2. On 6th February 2019, the makers announced the plan of Alita: Battle Angel season 2. So, according to the plan we might expect to see the sequel in 2020. But due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we can not expect Alita: Battle Angel 2 before 2021.

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