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Runaways Season 4: Is it Officially Cancelled? – The Plot and Storydetail

Runaways Season 4

Runaways Season 4 Updates: Runaways is a story born out of Marvel comics. The show airs on Hulu and has had three seasons until now. The audience craved for another season of the series. But it turns out the creators have something else on their minds. Here is all we know about the series so far.

Runaways Season 4 – Release Date

The show premiered on streaming service Hulu for the first time in 2017. The first two seasons performed moderately well on the TV, but the third season managed to gain the attention of the viewers. Thus, we were expecting the series to return with another season. However, we feel sad to be the bearer of bad news.

Right before the release of season 3, the streaming service Hulu and Marvel made it public knowledge that season 3 would be the last part of the series. This news didn’t occur as much of a shock given Marvel’s recent activities. It appeared as a pattern as every series of Marvel TV Netflix couldn’t make it past two to three seasons. The matter came to light after the consecutive cancellations of Cloak and Dagger and Agents of Shield after completion of two seasons. Therefore, the chances of Runaways Season 4 happening are negligible.

Runaways Season 4 – Plot

Runaways Season 4

The season 3 started right where the cliff-hanger of Season 2 finale dropped, thus answering all the questions that we had.

From the last two seasons, the teenagers have been trying to stop their parents and the aliens that they served. However, in the third season, the relationship of the parents with their children heals, and they prepare to fight the battle against Morgan, the main antagonist. They do win the battle, but the victory came at a cost. Gert dies after succumbing to the injuries sustained during the confrontation.


The season comes to close with everyone happy, but the note left by Alex for his 2019 self teases the possibility of another season. Alex wrote this note in 2028 for his past self. It instructed him to infiltrate Wilder Innovators, hide Victor and then kill Nico. However, the fourth season is officially off the table; the viewers would never know what Alex does with the information.


The Cast

Since the story revolved around a bunch of teenagers, they were cast consistently in every season of the series. We would like to take a moment to appreciate the work put in by these wonderful actors cast in “Runaways.”

  • Alex Wilder played by Rhenzy Feliz,
  • Nico Minoru played by Lyrica Okano.
  • Karolina Dean played by Virginia Garner.
  • Chase Stein played by Gregg Sulkin
  • Gert Yorkes played by Ariela Barer
  • Molly Hernandez plays the role of Allegra Acosta.


The Storyline till now

Brian  Vaughan and Adrian Alphona created the series, and it aired for the first time on Hulu in 2017. The story revolves around the lives of six teenagers who discover the truth that their parents are supervillains and members of a criminal organization, “The Pride.” The kids unite against their parents and, as the title suggests, run away. They also steal some resources from their parents like weaponry and a dinosaur.

Down the lane, the story reveals some exciting facts about the mutant DNA of the kids. They learn that they have superpowers passed down to them by their parents. They use their abilities to take down The Pride and their parents along with it. The path to the victory against their parents is bumpy and full of ups and downs. But by the end of the story, the relationship between the parents and their kids improves. They also decide to atone for the sins committed by them.

The story highlights the intricate bond of a family and also gives out the message that even the most dysfunctional families can work out their problems.

It is impossible not to develop a deeper connection with the characters of the story. You can watch the trailer of “Runaways” below and decide for yourself.