The Log Horizon Season 3 BACK with Daiki Yamashita aka Touya, Plot, Cast, Storyline and more!

The Log Horizon Season 3 Updates: Anime lover ??? Love Japanese manga ??? If you are one of them, then you would have watched “Log…

Published: July 16th, 2020 5:40 pm | Updated: May 5, 2022 5:40 pm

The Log Horizon Season 3 Updates: Anime lover ??? Love Japanese manga ??? If you are one of them, then you would have watched “Log Horizon ” for sure.  The anime series “Log Horizon “ is originally from Japan. Satellite Studios rendered this series. This show’s first Season released in 2014. Thus, it has since received widespread recognition around the world. Also, it was then renewed for another season. The Series has 7.7 IMDB Rating.

Then, another season for it for released in 2015. Since it is based on a book originally written by Mamare Touno. So, the collection of manga adopted this book.

Release Date of Log Horizon Season 3

The New Season tool for five long years. But finally, the series next season will come in October 2020 in Japan. But, the pandemic crisis could delay the release.

So, get ready to watch your favorite soon.


The Cast and characters for the third season will be the same as the earlier ones. Therefore, the characters in the “Log Horizon Season 3” are-Daiki Yamashita (Touya), Nao Tumara (Minori), Yumi Hara (Mariella), Mike Yager (Shiroe), Jovan Jackson (Nyanta), Tomoaki Maeno (Naotsugu) and Emiri Kato (Akatsuki).

Plot of Log Horizon Season 3

This show’s third season will continue its plot from where it began in the preceding season. We could see the Shiroe being of fearful socializing in the last season. If he wants to live in the monster world, then he needs to socialize.

Tenwazawai, the entrance to a monster, will be seen at the season. The arrival is expected to be the start of a rivalry between Eastern and Western empires. This will again result in the Round Table Alliance’s stress. In Akiba, calmness was maintained in the alliance.

 What happened !!!

We were watching Shiroe overcoming his fear of communicating to live on the critics’ world. The new season will feature new monsters named the Invasion of Tenwazawaii. This invasion would create a divide between empires and the North. This would also intensify the anxieties within the Round Table Alliance. Akiba gets stability, specifically at the same time.

Storyline of Log Horizon Season 3

Log Horizon revolves around a role-playing game (RPG) which suddenly becomes a threat to real life. Thousands of Japanese players are whisked into the world of a regular-life RPG game. Also, in the Elder Story, and without the option of logging out. The narrator of the series will be a student, Shiroe, stuck along with them.

Shiroe specializes in socializing abilities. Yet Shiroe forms a guild called “Log Horizon” with a group of other players to battle their way through, to survive in the monster universe.


The gamers have been stuck for six months and the hang of this new environment is now beginning to hang. Thanks to Shiroe’s round table Partnership, the adventures are getting sustainable. But it can be a little hard to get funds and have spied on you.

So, the “Log Horizon Season 3” will release in 2020. COVID-19 could delay its release. But, no need to worry, it is coming and we will see it soon. Till then, stay connected for related content. Also, for more updates regarding the exact date of release stay tuned.