The new version of Ubuntu 20.04 released now.

On 23rd April 2020, Canonical has released Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. It is a Long Term Support releases which include the shiny new desktop theme along with the new dark mode. Apart from that all, you all will get the Linux Kernel and a new way to go for the installing of the applications.

With the release of the new Ubuntu,  the new code name is Focal Fossa. It is the name of a cat from Madagascar. In this new version of Ubuntu,  it will give new software patches as well as other security fixes in the coming next five years. All the non-LTS versions will get support for only nine months from the date of release.

So, if you are going for it, then you all can get the support for it till 2025.  It is best for the users who all only depends on LTS versions and don’t go for short term assistance versions.   Focal is an LTS release so that it will get upgrade with the Ubuntu system within few intervals.  When you are going for the installation of a new version in your PC, then you all will get new storage options in it as well.

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