Non-Google Pixel users can download Google Phone app from Play store

The Google phone app is one the advanced software phone app which is exclusive for the Pixel users. Their phone app is beautiful and comes with many features, but it is restricted to the Pixel users and Android One only.
But now, all select phone users can get the Google Phone app from Google play store. The company has released the app for non-pixel users, but it will run on some smartphone only. In a report, it shows that users of Zenfone 6, Oppo Find X2, LG V60 are compatible. The users of phone can easily download and install the app in their device.
As per the XDA, it says that in its research, the researchers if XDA found that, the phone app need the dialer’s shared library. But this facility is only available in some devices, and in those devices, the users can install the phone app. So, if you are trying to go for the Google phone app in your device, check the phone model. To do that, at first see whether it is compatible or not with your device. You can quickly check it online by looking for the compatible device which can install the Google phone app from Play store.

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